Nakamura and chess960

It was quite surprising to watch Nakamura scoring just one draw out of four games. Obviously it had something to do with his opponent Aronjan, but they are currently just 13 Elo points apart in classical chess, while Nakamura is the favorite in shorter time controls.

My best explantion is this: Nakamura is the champion of pattern recognition which shows for instance in Puzzle Rush. He is lacking a chess education and was basically trained like a AlphaZero by playing blitz on the internet. In 960 there are no patterns, at least not in the early stage of the game. That seems to put him at a massive disadvantage. Once the positions start to look familiar, they are already lost. Ok, small samplesize. I could be wrong.

Note: It’s the exact opposite with Svidler. Svidler calculates concrete variations like a classical engine. He doesn’t need patterns.