The Driving Force behind Success

Thank god this Horror Show is over. Carlsen, who clearly has anger issues when things are not going well, decided to roll out the trash. He beat Karjakin with the Sämisch-Nimzo and even managed to draw Aronian with it after a few adventures. He lost with the Jänisch to Caruana and with the Cochrane-Gambit to Yu. In one way it was a sign of frustration, in another way he didn’t give away any information either.

Was this unprofessional or not worthy for a World Champion, who is supposed to respect the game? I am pretty sure that Carlsen doesn’t care. This is the way he plays, he simply doesn’t care. The driving force behind his success is that he is the worst loser in the World. Before him it was Kasparov, and before Kasparov it was Fischer. Hating to lose is the biggest motivator possible. It forced all of these guys to put more energy in their game than everyone else. I don’t think that this is bad, it’s exactly what makes World Champions. Nice guys finish last, and part of the reason is that they take losing too lightly. I believe that this is also a good lesson for life. Don’t be too easy on yourself!