A lesson from Horse Show Jumping

Refusing or Running out at any fence:

  • 1st: 4 faults
  • 2nd: another 4 faults added on
  • 3rd: elimination (ELM)



Meanwhile in Russia

The 7th round of the Team Championship featured another game by Lysyj in the Bf4-Grünfeld. The second time around, Igor executed the Drawmeister-Strategy almost to perfection: He forced his higher rated opponent to play an inferior sequence in order to avoid the draw, went on to win a pawn, but ultimately failed to convert it.

Close, but no cigar!

Drawmeister of the Day

Today the 3rd round of the Russian Team Championship featured the heroic efforts of Igor Lysyj who drew Grischuk in the Grünfeld using a line recommended on this website. Bravo Igor, well done!

Drawmeister of the Day

The first round of the Russian Team Championship 2016 provided us with a lovely display of one of our favorite contributors at work.

Play it safe!