Match Strategy

It is clear by now what both players are doing: Carlsen is trying to create non-theoretical positions where the knight is superior to the bishop, while Karjakin is trying to make 12 draws.

Don’t fall asleep!

Unfortunately this World Championship has the potential to become a huge snoozefest: For european viewers the games start at 8 pm, the live commentary on the internet didn’t feature a single joke yet, and on top of it, we can expect 12 games where the white player is trying to extract a technical win from +0.15 positions. Even the strategy for both players is already clear: Carlsen tries to exploit the difference between knights and bishops, while Karjakin tries to prevent exactly that by keeping everything symmetrical.

On the other hand, this World Championship also shows what a winning chess strategy is all about these days. Carlsen is the ultimate Anti-Drawmeister after all. Like no other, he manages to slow down the game and to create minor imbalances that he can exploit with his exceptional technique. This sort of smallball-approach takes down the money from the new generation of average players who are hiding behind their computer-assisted Elo 3400 opening repertoires.

Know your Classics

Today’s game features a very unique approach by black that reminded me of the touch-move-rule.

Apparently this all happened before, according to my database exactly once:

If you really think about it, then the strategy of pushing the g-pawn is very popular for white in all sorts of position. Maybe this version isn’t that ridiculous after all. It’s a small sample, but a very nice performance so far.

Kokarev in the woods again

This game had the potential to force a tiebreak between Riazantsev and Grischuk, but it wasn’t to happen because Riazantsev simply beat Jakovenko with black to win the tournament. Congratulations!

Drawmeister of the Day

No such accidents for Kokarev today!

Freerolling the Grünfeld

This sideline seems to produce some nice repetitions. No wonder it is becoming more and more popular.

Drawmeister of the Day

We have seen this one before:

Drawmeister of the Day

Play it safe!