Sometimes it’s not that easy

If you are searching for draws in the Qc2-Nimzo, you will find this model game by Khalifman, who was an absolutely brilliant player once, but became a Drawmeister at the later stage of his career.

If you check this game with engines, you will notice that 10… f6 is their top choice, so if you want to go for this line, you have to come up with an answer. Khodashenas came up with such an answer, but he was still in for a rough ride, because 19…Nf6 keeps it alive.

Drawmeister of the Day

While the world elite is on vacation, we have to watch the second tier battle it out. To my surprise they do have a lot of decisive results and even the draws are mostly fought out, so there is not much left for me to report. Apparently these guys haven’t reached the level yet, where they get paid for just reproducing 25 moves of computer analysis before calling it a day. In the absence of anything better, here are some of short draws in well known lines:

Under pressure!

Going back to the game So-Giri, it may turn out that the inclusion of a5 and Rb1 might actually be very important.

I don’t remember Shirov ever losing that fast in such a well known theoretical position. He made just three moves and resigned. Ugly!

Please take my bishop

The lovely thing about chess is, that we never run out of tournaments. Let the Drawmeister Parade continue forever!

Thanks Boyz!

Cool, I didn’t know this version of the repetition. The line was immediately added to our repertoire of course 🙂

This one is a nice product of computer analysis also:

Drawmeister of the Day

Sometimes you can see it coming…

Not so pathetic after all

Usually I just click games of Wesley So away. This time it was quite interesting though, because the following game contains a double novelity, since the drawing mechanism works from two positions.


That’s what I call honest.

Transmission Error?

Today at the French Team Championship chess fans from all over the world could watch Fier and Bracrot draw their game in 10 moves. This was very disappointing, because the line featured on this website is 18 moves long. The spectators and the sponsors were basically deprived of 8 more moves of exciting grandmaster chess.

Play it safe!