Nice guy

What do you do if you have to act in a professional way, but still don’t want to hurt the feelings of your young opponent, the audience and the sponsor? You could give shit, like Carlsen, Caruana, Anand and Naiditsch, but you could also show heart like Meier and Aronjan. Nice guy Peter Svidler decided to stay somewhere in the middle. He didn’t committ suicide in the opening, which isn’t his style anyways, and he didn’t allow a forced draw either. Instead he went for a transposition into a line of the Catalan that – according to Leko in the commentary – Keymer plays himself. The resulting game was dry and uneventful. Both sides developed, black played c5, everything got exchanged, draw. This game could have been played in the 1st Bundesliga, the 2nd Bundesliga, the Oberliga and on board 99 of an open tournament next to the guy with the BYE.

The next opponent is MVL, which is the acid test for Leko, because MVL plays a narrow repertoire of absolute mainlines.