Let’s take a look

Carlsen played some offbeat crap, Anand chose to play a certain structure, Caruana played a position out of Carlsen’s book, Naiditsch tried moveorder tricks, Meier went for a forced loss, let’s see how Aronjan is approaching the problem of beating the child. He tries to outprepare Leko’s preparation. Well, good luck with that…

As we can see, there was no magic, no deep concepts, no brilliant combinations. It was straight preparation and the solutions to concrete problems followed by a well executed technical phase. As I have written before, it is the first flawless game by Keymer and that’s a good sign, even though it has to be said that he didn’t get many chances to go wrong. Aronjan played against Keymer like he plays against a world class player. I can’t tell if that’s a sign of respect for Keymer or a sign of disrespect to Leko’s preparation. We will never find out, because Aronjan likes to bullshit interviewers.

For some reason I have the feeling that Lev showed a good heart and I am really curious how nice guy Peter Svidler follows this up.