Keymer’s struggles continue

Yes, he lost another Najdorf, this time to Anand. It’s not a shame to lose to Anand, but it certainly matters how it happens.

On the highest level, and that’s where the kid is competing in this tournament, the Najdorf is just a negative freeroll. He has zero chances to win with it, but it is so complicated and there are so many variations that he has every chance to lose. It gets even worse when he is missing his chances, because he won’t get that many. That is where Keymer has his biggest problems. He gets bad positions out of the opening despite Leko’s preparation and even when me manages to crawl back into the game, he is simply not tough enough (yet) to hang on or even turn the tables. Yes, he is only 14, but that doesn’t matter anymore these days because we already have a couple of kids who became GM even younger. Am I unfair to Keymer? Nope, I just don’t believe in this hype. Becoming the 37th GM before the age of 15 or the 39th player with Elo 2700 is quite nice, but only reaching the Top 10 really counts.

For me it is obvious that Leko can’t help him. Actually Leko can’t even help himself, otherwise he would be playing in the tournament. In fact, it is probably better training to play blitz with Naka, Firouzja and Artemiev on the internet than what he is doing right now. Even more important, he should ditch the Najdorf as soon as possible. It’s clearly his leak and there are lots of solid alternatives like the Berlin, the Petroff and the Caro Kann. I am fully aware of my Elo, but this is not about playing strength, it is about strategy, and that is an area where even patzers can come up with decent and sometimes even optimal decisions. I can be wrong of course.


On a sidenote: Carlsen once again proved that he is a true genius who simply plays on a different level.