Another lesson

This game is very instructive, because MVL got “nothing” from the opening, shuffled his rooks around on the third rank and finally managed to trick his young opponent in time-trouble. Did he really get nothing from the opening? I don’t think so. He got an equal position that could be played until the 50-move rule kicks in, or until black makes the decisive mistake. Note: Keymer took 30 minutes to play theoretical moves that he could have blitzed out. That is a huge leak, especially for a player with known time-trouble issues.

Also note: There is something weird about Keymer, because he looking somewhere like every 10 seconds. I have never seen such behavior before. How can you concentrate on the game like that? I mean many top players show some sort of weirdness. Anand is constantly fumbling around in his face. Ivanchuk is massaging his left eyebrow. Gelfand is flipping pieces in his left hand. Svidler is thinking with closed eyes like he is meditating or switching into a deep think mode. These guys somehow remind me of X-Men.


On a sidenote: Carlsen is scoring like mad with black since switching to the Sveshnikov. Caruana decided to copy him, and why not? Finally it should be mentioned that true to style Svidler allowed mate with a smile. I doubt that Garry would have acted like that.