If you take an unbiased look at the Sveshnikov, you will notice that there are lots of forced draws in the mainline. In my opinion that is a clear indication that this opening is correct. The first line isn’t forced of course, but it obviously works for Drawmeisters and shall serve as warm-up.

This line is rather cute:

The following game is an example for preparation at the highest level. The position up move 25 had been played before and white equalizes by taking on b5. The only problem is that the game continues from there. Engines produce a clean forced sequence that ends the game on the spot and leaves no questions open. Don’t ask me if Dominguez and Grischuk played a game of chess that day, but they certainly earned their money for showing up.

Another way to get the job done could be this line:

Here is another line, just for fun:

One more? Ok!

On a sidenote: This is what happens when Sveshnikov plays Sveshnikov:

Play it safe!