6. Bg5

When Anand played Kramnik for the World Championship in 2008 and only needed a draw, he chose 6. Bg5 and drew in 24 moves. When Svidler needed a draw against Karjakin to clinch the World Cup 2015, he chose to dodge mainlines with 3. Bb5 and lost. Lately Kramnik has opened up a new chapter by beating Gelfand, so this is variation to analyze boys and girls! Once again, this is done step by step: I show you the forced draws and your task is to replace each line with what you believe is a win. We play for two results only!

This line against the Polugaevsky does the trick and 16. Bd3 is actually a novelity.

Ok, I might be taking this a bit too far, but it’s fun!

The line with 6…Nbd7 isn’t really explored yet, so the following variations are a bit experimental.

Play it safe!