6. Be3

If you don’t like to sac pieces, there is also this line:

Here is an example for freerolling at the highest level. You can make a draw in 24 moves, but you can also examine your opponent for 40 moves or more:

The old mainline doesn’t seem to offer any repetitions, but there is a way to establish a positional bind which forces simplifications:

Against the a5-line I couldn’t find a forced draw (yet), so I am suggesting a line that looks pretty good for white at the moment:

From a conceptional standpoint I should mention that the other knight retreat is also worth exploring. Here is food for thought:

So far the Be3-system seems to be not a completely but very forced and therefore very reliable approach against the Najdorf. If that feels too tame, you can still try out the alternative 6. Bg5, where everything becomes extremely irrational.

Play it safe!