Leko has a nice score against the MacCutcheon and as usual I recommend to study his games. If you want a shortcut, try this:

The Burn with 5…Be7 offers a well known repetition, but it seems black can avoid it. The resulting position is equal but not drawn.

An interesting way to play this line was shown by Bologan, especially the thematic transformation into R+B vs. R+N:

There is one problem left to solve and that’s the line with 6… gxf6. The following line may look a bit irrational, but it seems to hold:

There are some forced draws in the Steinitz too, but there are some unexplored areas especially in the lines with an early Be7. Nevertheless, here are some of the well known repetitions:


The Winawer leads to very forced play, therefore it is not as tough to crack for a Drawmeister.

There is no point in trying to find a draw after 11…Bd7, because the workload is similar to looking for an advantage. Just go for the “official” refutation instead!

Play it safe!