Ruy Lopez

Drawing the Berlin:

If you want to keep things a bit more complicated, so your opponent has to find a bunch of difficult moves to make the draw, you can do it like Svidler. I would even go so far and call this a typical strategy.

Drawing the Schliemann:

Drawing the Steinitz:

Drawing the Zaitsev:

Drawing the Keres Defense:

Drawing the Open Variation:

The last line has a twin in the Archangelsk Variation, which is not recommended though:

Drawing the Neo-Archangelsk:

Drawing the Breyer:

Drawing the Chigorin was much easier in the good old days, as they would just complete their setup and call it a day.

Then came the famous game by Karpov who managed to prove that it was so easy for black after all.

Nowadays black just liquidates in the center and is more or less fine.

Long story short: There are no forced draws in the Chigorin, but there is a rather simple method to chop off most of the wood.

Drawing the Marshall:

Trying to tame the Marshall is like playing with fire. You have been warned! Here is an example from my own practice:

Play it safe!