Another Surprise

Apparently my man Radjabov (Elo 2759) had a chance to catch Dominguez, so he decided to make it interesting. The line he chose offers white a bunch of forced draws on a silver plate nevertheless. Kualots (Elo 2560), for a reason only he knows, decided to “play a game”, so the draw was made after 40 moves.

What would Carlsen have done? He would have played some bullshit opening, given his opponent +0.33 at move 10, equalize around move 25 and win 50 moves later. Radjabov can’t do that, because he is wired differently. He cannot play incorrect openings in order to avoid forced draws, because it would violate his zero-risk-philosophy. Radjabov also gave his opponent rope to hang himself, but he did it as a negative freeroll. That’s not the same.