I am the boss here, so I can make PR for whomever I want, even if they don’t pay me for it. Chess24 has just released a video series where Dorfman explains his famous “Method in Chess”!!!

There are people who learn from books and there are people who learn by listening. I knew Dorfman’s books, but listening to him put it on another level for me. The big difference is that he can put emphasis on points in his speech that he cannot do in written text.

Actually there is a funny point to it. Gustafsson did the presentation together with Dorfman and it seems to me that he learned something as well. I am curious about his next tournament. The thing is that such lessons stick in your memory, even if you are not aware of it, and you start to recognize patterns, if you want or not.

P.S.: In my opinion Part 6 is worth the price of the series alone.