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Back from the drawing board

Today’s game features the bishop sacrifice in the Sveshnikov which is suprising, because the version with 13. b4 was considered to be dubious for over a decade. In the year 2000 german Drawmeister Thomas Luther used it to steal half a point from Luke McShane. Two years later Leko came up with a very strong improvement for black and busted Luther without a fight. Over the last 14 years engines have improved a lot and now Mamedov seems to be ready to discuss this line again. Well, Jobava reproduced McShane’s moves, so there was no discussion.

The anatomy of the forced draw

The work on this project led to a few rather simple insights about forced draws in general. They can only occur in four situations:

  1. Two targets can be attacked and there is only one defender. In this case the defender can be overloaded to reach a perpetual.
  2. Attacks that result in a situation where the attacker is left with insufficient forces (just a queen) to either mate or win material.
  3. Retreat squares are cut off, so an attacked piece cannot escape.
  4. The players are sick of it and want to join the bar.

Drawmeister of the Day (Ladies Edition)

For today’s episode, I chose a game from the 8th round of the Turkish Super League between two women that is probably some sort of match preparation, since both players followed the computer line all the way to the end.

There is also a game from the 6th round that is worth mentioning:

Behind the curtain

In the following game the players decided to call it a day after the 22nd move, but since this website doesn’t have anything to hide, here is the game including the final repetition:

Drawmeister of the Day

Today we see the players repeating a pet line of Andreikin.

So boring


Drawmeisters of the Day

Drawmeister of the Day

Bail out?

When Nakamura bursted into the scene he had one huge weakness and that were his openings. Over the years he made the transition and incorporated freerolls and forced draws into his repertoire. Just look up his win in the English against Karjakin and you know what I am talking about. In the following game Naka is willing to repeat an old line that dates back to the Kortchnoi-Karpov match in 1978. It looks like Karjakin smelled a rat and went for the forced draw.

Fool me twice

Pono did it again. This time he stole rating points from the Don with a line that has already been featured on this very website.